New improvements coming to the Tri-Cities

ARRA money has been flowing into the Tri-Cities, thus availing itself to new projects and completing other projects that will have impact on the area for the long-term.

New administrative offices, remodeling of older offices and a new shop for Ben Franklin Transit are among new additions, plus the City of Richland was in receipt of funds to perform energy improvements to the wastewater treatment plant and funds to rebuild First Street, which is the entryway to the Tri-Cities Research District.

Pasco has also received a piece of ARRA funding, which will be used to connect Road 68 and 100, plus funding for neighborhood assistance programs and block grants.

So our Tri-City area will continue to grow with these new additions and the Tri-Cities will continue to be close to the top of the “Best Places to Live” list for years to come! If you are visiting our area or planning to purchase a new home in Kennewick, Richland, Pasco, West Richland or beyond, be sure to visit for a look at ALL of the real estate available here.

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