Supporting Our Troops and Honoring Our Veterans

Here in the Tri-Cities we enjoy so many freedoms and advantages, and those freedoms have been secured by the brave men and women who have so bravely served our country in the past, and for those who bravely serve today. 

Our local communities are full of Veterans who have given freely of themselves to protect our American and Tri-Cities way of life. Yet, so many Americans have never truly known the sacrifices these troops, Veterans  and their families have made in order to provide us with the freedoms we take for granted.

We encourage all people in the Tri-Cities communities to attend the wonderful Veteran’s Day parade held in West Richland on November 7th, and make the effort to support and thank these amazing Veterans and current troops. This event is a great parade and there are festivities held afterwards in Flat Top Park. Each of us owe a great debt of gratitude to those who are willing to leave their homes and families, and serve in our nation’s military.

With so many of our young men and women serving in or heading to the unbearable conditions in Afghanistan, there is a local organization whose purpose is to try and make life a little more comfortable for our troops. Washington Operation Thank You is a local non-profit troop support organization whose purpose is to ensure that all military personnel and their families, past and present, are treated with the utmost respect and to enlighten the community as to the needs of our military and their families.  This organization packages up needed items for the troops about every 4-6 weeks and ships to personnel all over the globe.  They provide Welcome Homecomings  to local troops arriving back home, so that no one goes without a Thank You for their service to our country as has happened in the past. Their work includes assistance to Wounded Warriors  and to the families of Fallen Heroes

Operation Thank You is delighted to have had the wonderful support of many companies and individuals over their past several years in the Tri-Cities, and are always welcoming folks to come and help in whatever way they feel comfortable.  The packing parties are a great way to start out getting to know what they do and to help our troops in a big way.  Take a look at their website for more information:

The willingness with which our young people are likely to serve our country, shall be directly proportional to how they perceive the Veterans  of earlier wars, were treated and appreciated by their Nation.

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