Ports report on accomplishments and future projects

The three ports in the Tri-Cities area reported on the projects they have undertaken to help boost the economy of the Tri-City area recently.

Officials from the Port of Kennewick, Port of Pasco, and the Port of Benton, who comprise the Tri-Ports, spoke to about 200 individuals about their parts in promotion of economic development and adding to the growing job market in the area.

Discussion about the revamping of the Clover Island area, plus improvements at the Richland Manufacturing Mall, the Prosser Food and Wine Park, and the Benton City Industrial Park were also covered.  There will be efforts to update the Benton City area as well, by the Port of Benton and with that, the hope that other businesses will fall in line to spruce up their appearances and keep the efforts flowing.

The Port of Pasco has several projects underway, including the current construction of a potato processing plant at the Pasco industrial park, as well as  Parsons expanding its footprint in the Big Pasco center, and the port’s Riverfront Business Park project.

Our Tri-Cities area is growing with more and more businesses moving in, expanding, or investing here, we are looking at a brighter and stronger future for our Tri-Citians for many, many years to come.  The real estate market is strong and jobs continue to materialize for skilled workers. These are the reasons that the Tri-Cities, and Benton and Franklin counties have become at the top of list for best places to live and work continually.  Come join us in our beautiful corner of southeastern Washington State!

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