Fall is here – but it’s hard to tell….

Ahh, the beautiful fall in the Tri-Cities is here – but it’s truly been more like an “Indian Summer”.

The very warm days and the cool, crisp nights have brought with them great temperatures for those who like the crispness of the early morning hours, maybe for running or walking – and also for those who prefer the warmer temps for their outdoor activities – we’ve had that too! Sunny clear days have been abundant.

This is this writer’s very favorite time of year in the Tri-Cities for just those reasons. It’s the best of both worlds and in the Tri-Cities, the world is a beautiful place!  Where else can you gather affordable real estate, strong job growth, lots of available outdoor activities, friendly folks, plus tons of other opportunities within a short drive?

Pasco, Kennewick, Richland, West Richland and the other communities throughout both Benton and Franklin counties are wonderful places to live and work, and the Tri-Cities was named at the top of the list for scientists and engineers in the United States to work and live. The educated workforce in this area is very attractive to employers looking for somewere to move/build their businesses.  We have so much to offer everyone here in the Tri-Cities and we’d like to invite you to come a join us too!

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