Easy steps to save energy at home

Like a car, your home needs to be running efficiently to save you  money. Is your home running as efficiently as it can? Does it need a tune-up? Take a moment and review some easy steps you can make to increase the energy efficiency of your home.

Step 1 – Heating and Air Conditioning

Heating and cooling can account for up to 70% of your electric bill. Upgrading your heating and cooling system and minimizing air infiltration can have a dramatic effect on lowering the money you spend on heating and cooling. Get your system checked annually or as recommended by the manufacturer to ensure it’s running as efficiently as possible. Rebates are now available on qualified systems.

Step 2 – Winterization

Does your home have enough insulation? Ceilings, floors, walls and ductwork must be well insulated to reduce heat loss. A house that leaks air can be made tighter with the result of being more comfortable. Benton PUD in Kennewick can help with rebates for additional insulation of for new windows.

Step 3 – Appliances

Appliances can account for up to 20% of your bill. Like a car’s fuel is gasoline, your home’s fuel is electricity. You will get higher “electricity mileage” if the appliances in your home are operating efficiently. When you are shopping for a new appliance, look for the ENERGY STAR label and available energy usage information. With some extra care when shopping for an appliance, you can save energy and money for years to come. And the best part is you get a rebate from Benton PUD in Kennewick.

Step 4 – Lighting

Increasing your lighting efficiency is a quick way to decrease your energy bills. Replace incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs that will save energy and money over their lifetime. They are four times more efficient, last 6 to 10 times longer and provide the same lighting. They now come in all sizes for all uses.

Source: Benton PUD “Between the Lines” pamphlet

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