City of Kennewick 2nd Best City for New Jobs!

The City of Kennewick is ranked as the 2nd Best City for New Jobs in Spring of 2009 as reported by WOW! Way to go Tri-City business owners!  Clearly each of you has made an impact on a national level. This ranking only happens with hard work and dedication to the businesses each of you owns and operates here in our community. Your ability to stay on top when the national trends are going the other direction requires that we, the City of Kennewick stop and say:  THANK YOU!

This letter is intended to accomplish two things: The first and most important is to again thank you for doing business in Kennewick and the Tri-Cities. As many of you know, the services offered by the City of Kennewick are some of the most cost effective and efficient in the area. We do this by providing all city services for $165.00 per month for the average household. This puts our city in a unique position of having a low cost of living in comparison to any other areas in the state and country. This is great news for businesses by allowing more opportunities for discretionary income to be spent in our local venues. This also helps attract a quality work force for you, the employer of our citizens. This is a good foundation on which to build, low cost of living along with strong businesses.

Lastly, I wanted to re-introduce myself as the new Executive Director of Economic Development for the City of Kennewick. The City of Kennewick and I are committed to supporting our core businesses that have gotten our community to this point. In addition, my desire is to work on ways to help grow your business and our community. I am aware that the economy is at the forefront of every citizen’s mind, which is all the more reason for us to work together to increase opportunities for each and every one of us here in Kennewick.

I would like to offer my services in any way that you find valuable in helping plan growth to your business or helping sustain it in these economic times.

Jeff Kossow, Executive Director – Economic Development


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