Kennewick Details


Kennewick was previously known by many other names, including the origin of which is attributed to a native girl’s laughter, when she was asked the name of the region. “Kennewick” supposedly means ‘grassy place” in the native language. Kennewick has also be called ‘winter paradise’ thanks to the mild winters that the area is known to have. The official incorporation of Kennewick, Washington was on February 4, 1904.  Tom Moak is the current mayor of the city of Kennewick. The city is known for its “Kennewick Man” – the remains of a prehistoric man who supposedly has Caucasian features despite being indigenous, that was found on the bank of the Columbia River. Numerous controversies have occurred over the ownership of these remains that are said to date back to 9000 years ago.


The findings of the 2000 census were: that Kennewick had at least 54,693 people, 20,786 households and 14,176 families. The Kennewick racial makeup was as follows: 82.93 percent White, 1.14 percent Black or African American, 2.12 percent Asian, 092 percent Native American, 0.11 percent Pacific Islander, 9.40 percent other races and 3.37 percent from tow or more races. 15.55 percent was Hispanic or Latino of any race.

The population distribution was: 29.6 percent under 18 years, 10.3 percent 18-24 years, 29.3 percent 25-44 years, 20.6 percent 45-64 years and 10.2 percent 65 years and above, There were 98.3 males for every 100 females and 94.3 males for every 100 females over 19 years of age.


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