Three Rivers converge, making the Tri-Cities unique

The cities of Kennewick, Pasco and Richland and the surrounding real estate, are among the southernmost cities of Washington State, and because of this location, the Tri-Cities enjoys a unique and wonderful weather system that is quite diverse from other places in the northern states.

The unique weather feature of the Tri-Cities, aside from the relatively milder winters, is the very dry climate that is comparable with the desert climate of Nevada and other desert climates southern states, This climate is conducive to abundant recreational activities that make the Tri-Cities a favorite destination for travelers and vacationers looking to escape the harsh cold of northern winters, but cannot afford to travel cross-country.

The Tri-Cities real estate region is unique in that Kennewick, Pasco and Richland are located where the Yakima, Snake and Columbia rivers converge. The Tri-Cities real estate area, since its early history, has always been an agricultural region because the land features make it an ideal place for the cultivation of crops. The warm weather, the topographical shape of the land, and the nearby river system which provides adequate and reliable water source, make agribusiness a thriving industry in the Tri-Cities.

The agricultural characteristic of Kennewick, Pasco, Richland and its surrounding real estate region has kept this area less industrialized and polluted than its neighboring communities. The Tri-Cities has experienced consistent economic growth over the past few years, with the city of Pasco topping the list of fastest growing communities in Washington state.  This equates to the belief that our Tri-Cities real estate region need not become industrialized to provide a wonderful living for its residents.

Agribusiness has supported the residents of the Tri-Cities real estate region and has provided them with a good living for many decades. Hopefully, the land and the people’s respect for it, will continue to sustain one another for many more generations to enjoy. The real estate in the communities of Pasco, Richland, Kennewick and surrounding areas, will continue to provide a wonderful and beneficial place to live for those of us who call it home.

The unique geographical elements of the Tri Cities area has never been a deterrent to the growth of its communities, In fact, our weather and land features have only served to enhance the prosperity of the Tri Cities.

There is so much to do and see in the Tri Cities real estate region, take your time to involve yourself in all of the many events and recreational activities we have in abundance here – you’ll enjoy every part of living in this amazing part of the Northwest!



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