West Richland

The City of West Richland invites you to enjoy our growing amenities as you visit area wineries and destination points of interest. West Richland is adjacent to the Red Mountain American Viticultural Area, attracting thousands of tourists and local citizens each year.

The city is home to the West Richland Wine Park, part of the Red Mountain Center – 1 320-acre multi-use development designed around the wine destination theme. West Richland is also home to the Pacific Rim Winemakers, a $7 million winery which is receiving regional and national acclaim (www.rieslingrules.com), as well as the Red Mountain View Wine Village, opening this year.

West Richland features breathtaking panoramic views, an excellent quality of life and is one of the fastest growing cities in the state. The city has rapidly become a first choice for families seeking residential excellence and a relaxed lifestyle. West Richland’s many public parks and sports complex have become hubs for exciting community activities throughout the year. Events including a Summer Concert Series, Hogs & Dogs, and the Veterans Day Parade contribute to West Richland’s growing economy and offer families high quality recreational experience near home.

The City of West Richland upholds a tremendous visions to serve its citizens, businesses, industries, and tourists with an increasing number of amenities fitting to their needs.


Source: Tri-City Visitor & Convention Bureau Offical Guide

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