Save Money Behind the Wheel

In today’s economy it’s nice to find ways to save extra money.  Even with gas prices down, you can still save money and reduce stress behind the wheel.  The way you drive affects the amount of gas you use.  Did you know you can lose almost 25 percent in fuel efficiency by the way you drive? 

First, don’t accelerate quickly.  Imagine you have an egg under the gas pedal.  If you push down too hard, you’re going to break that egg.  The second way to improve efficiency is by not stopping too quickly.  Every time you hit the brakes, you’ve turned gasoline into nothing but brake dust, tire tread and heat.  Back off the gas the moment you see a red light in the distance and you’ll conserve fuel.  It’s far more efficient to coast to a stop.  Also, lighten the load.  Every 50 pounds you carry in your trunk decreases fuel efficiency by 1 percent.  Proper tire inflation is important, too.  You use 20 percent of your gas energy overcoming the rolling resistance of your tires.  As long as you keep your tires full, you’ll use less gas.  And, if you’ve hit a curb in a parking lot, have your alignment checked.   

Finally, have a strategy for arranging appointments to make your drive more efficient.  Plan your route so that you go from one neighborhood to another in a nice continuous circle.  No zigzagging.  Also, don’t always rely on your GPS device, because it won’t give you the big picture.  Sometimes it’s best to get out a map.   When you get on the freeway, take your time.  The peak efficiency for a car is about 45 MPH.  Every 10 miles per hour you go over 60 is like paying an extra 50 cents per gallon for gas.  Use cruise control only on flat surfaces.  And, while you’re driving around the Tri-Cities, if you see a For Sale sign on a house that interests you, call me…

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