“Coach” coming to Kennewick!!

Coach is coming to Columbia Center! The new store already pops up on the luxury accessory retailer’s website. The store will open in May, said Andrea Resnick, of Coach’s corporate communications. The new store will go into the store front vacated by Mark’s hallmark in January.

When Coach announced its second quarter earning in January, company officials said they planned to reduce new store growth plans in the U.S. in 2010. This year Coach, which is a leading American marketer of handbags, leather goods and travel accessories, plans to open 40 new retail stores, 13 of which will be in new markets.

According to the companies quarterly report filed with the SEC in early February, the pace of new retail store openings “Will depend upon the economic environment and reflect opportunities in the marketplace.”

Resnick said the new store will cary a full assortment of lifestyle accessories.

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