Gold Lining to Economic Issues

Attention to all Buyers or potential buyers of homes!  What a time we are in! With all the negative news and the stock market being in the shape it is in, no wonder we all stressed to the hilt!

There is a gold lining however (not silver, but gold) with interest rates at 5.15%. Prices of homes are down and selection is absolutely great here in the Tri-Cities! This is the time for those who have no fear about their job position being solid for them. (here in the Tri-Cities we are fortunate our employment situation is very good).

So if you have good credit, this is a golden opportunity to increase your wealth that does not come along very often. Opportunities are all around us and we are just too buried in the negative news coming out of other parts of the nation, to see what the Tri-Cities truly has to offer! Let’s turn off the negative news and move forward with a piece of life you CAN control.

If your opportunity is a new home or investment property in the Tri-Cities area (Kennewick, Pasco, Richland, West Richland, Finley, or Burbank), call us and we will advise you competently and completely, to make the best move for your best interests!


Christa Sasser, Broker for Distinctive Properties, Inc.

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