What’s a too low offer?

Keep in mind when making an offer to purchase a home…..you and the seller both want the best deal you/they can get. So, as a buyer, don’t be afraid to offer lower than the asking price. Just keep in mind that if the offer you make is too low the seller may reject it outright, or worse yet, become offended which can greatly affect any future negotiations. But……where is the ‘too low’ line. This is the time to have your agent earn their commission. Have them run comps for you (make sure they include asking price and final selling price). Time-on-the-market can be an indicator of a sellers’ motivation. If the property has been a rental there might be abit of emotional separation from the home and a too low offer won’t seem like a hostile attempt to steal the sellers’ home. It can be a very serious game…..but a fun one!!  Good Luck

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