Too Much Clutter?

Got a spare hour of so?  Make some time to start tossing.  Get a trash bag, your recycling bin and a few boxes for donations and get down to business.  Working room by room, here are the things you can get rid of right away.


  1. Expired food in your fridge and pantry.  Check those condiments – they    don’t last as long as you think.
  2. Recipe books, cards and printouts you don’t use.
  3. Old or one time use cleaning supplies under the sink.
  4. Bottles of alcohol collecting dust.
  5. Old, stained and tattered sponges, dishrags and hand towels.

Living Room

  • Magazines you’ve already read.
  • DVDs that no one watches anymore.
  • Knickknacks that you are tired of looking at.
  • Extra throw pillows and blankets.
  •  Old toys and electronics that aren’t being used.


  1.  Expired medications.
  2.  Old makeup, nail polishes and other skin care products.
  3.  Half-empty bottles of soap or soap remnants in the shower.
  4.  Hotel soaps, shampoos, lotions, sample packets.
  5.  Hair accessories, curlers, hot tools that are no longer used.


  1.  Extra sets of sheets (you only need 2).
  2.  Clothes that don’t fit or you no longer wear.
  3.  Shoes that are worn out or never worn.
  4.  Broken, unused jewelry.
  5.  Extra buttons, clothing tags, safety & bobby pins.


  •  Old instruction manuals.
  •  Print-outs you don’t have a use for.
  •  Books you’ve already read, don’t like, or won’t realistically get to.
  •  Shred old tax documents, bills and pay stubs.
  •  Extra pens, pencils and other office supplies.
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