New kind of power hits the Tri Cities

Aswe all know the Tri Cities is known for it’s nuclear power, the power of science and technology; and the power of the Columbia River, but there is a new game of power in town – horsepower!

Three companies are making their mark here in the Tri Cities and beyond with powerful products that would make Tim Allen say, “Grrrr grrr grrr, more power!”.

Custom welded aluminum jet boats crafted by Northwest Jet Boats in Pasco have been in production since 1987 and has grown into a multi-million dollar business, all from the dream of owner Larry Whitten who has a talent for boat design and manufacturing.  Larry and his 44 employees have sold boats across the country and even overseas.

High performance cars more your thing? Then Jerod Shelby has something to suit your style.  Jerod’s abilities with design fueled a dream to design and build an American car that could rival the likes of the European classics. In 1999 Jerod founded Shelby SuperCars in West Richland.  In 2007 the Ultimate Aero car became the World’s Fastest Production Car according to the Guinness World Records.  They are working on the Ultimate Aero EV which is an electric powered vehicle with a range of 150-200 miles on  single charge.

Want to take to the sky instead? Scott and Dan Hanchette started Viper Aircraft of Pasco in 1995 and have taken their passion and brought their ideas to a worldwide audience.  Viper has continued to advance their concepts successfully with the Viper FanJet, their new kit plane, which has the ability to fly 1,450 miles without refueling.

So if taking to the sky in a high powered ViperJet, screaming across the asphalt at a high rate of speed in a Shelby Ultimate Aero, or flying across the waves in a Northwest Jet Boat, the Tri-Cities is home to horsepower galore!  Tim Allen would be jealous!!

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