Tri-Cities Cancer Center

Construction on the new 17,000 square-foot expansion to the Tri-Cities Cancer Center is expected to be complete in March. The new expansion will house the medical oncology portion of the center, which is provided by Columbia Basin Hematology and Oncology, a private physician group that provides chemotherapy and other medical oncology treatments to cancer victims in the community.

The expansion has a conference area, medical examination rooms and administration space. It includes a wide, open infusion area, with large North-facing windows that provide an open view to the sky and surrounding areas for up to 22 infusion patients. Patients receiving infusions are often sick and can be in the infusion space, which is shielded from direct sun, for up to six hours. The infusion area was designed to provide a peaceful and contemplative space for the cancer patients.

The building’s exterior is designed to fit in with the existing building. This is the Tri-Cities Cancer Center’s third expansion since it was originally built 14 years ago. The expansion is being done with earth toned brick and large expanses of north facing windows.

In addition, a long steel arch created by artist Bernard Hosey of Twisp, Washington is being incorporated into the vestibule of the building. The sculpture extends from the entrance to the highest point on the corner of the building. It is a 108-foot foot arch with a 30-foot peak.

The construction cost of the expansion at the Tri-Cities Cancer Center at 7350 W Deschutes Avenue in Kennewick, is about $5.2 million.

Having Columbia Basin Hematology and Oncology at the Cancer Center provides patients with comprehensive cancer care at a single location and allows for better communication between doctors and medical professionals to coordinate patients care.

In addition to CBHO, the Cancer Center also houses Tri-City Laboratory, Blue Mountain Oncology and the Tri-Cities Cancer Center Foundation. The collaborations make it more convenient for doctors and patients to coordinate care.

The Cancer Center offers patient and family education, prevention programs and extensive support services. These valuable patient services are provided at no cost to all cancer patients and to the community.  For more information go to


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