New news in the Business Community!

HPM Corporation of Kennewick has recceived a five-year $24M deal to help NASA with occupational health issues, making sure that astronauts are healthy before they head into space.

Infinia Thinks Golbal, Acts Local.  Infinia of Kennewick is nearing completion of their new 30,000 sf production facility, where more than 100 workers will be starting commerical production of Infinia’s 3kw stirling solar power generator. Looking at markets from Europe, to Asia to the United States southwest region, they hope to produce up to 60,000 of these units a year, starting early next year.

Ridges to Rivers Public Workshops. An effort to expand and enhance the open space networks of the Tri-Cities is currently underway. Public Workshops will be held on Nov 13 and 20th. Events organizers are seeking ideas and feedback about regional open space. The project is sponsored by Tapteal Greenway Association.

PixelSoft Films Produces Hometown Legacy.  PixelSoft Films of Kennewick is an award-winning multimedia firm specializing in Web development, Advertising, Graphic design, Interactive CDs/DVDs, 3D modeling and animation. They also offer High-Definition video, Digital Photography, and customized programming. PixelSoft Films has been developing exceptional creative content for an extensive list of clients across the globe. Some notable projects include TV shows like Northwest Journeys and Hometown Legacy, a story about Prosser football.



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